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The service conditions and fees
News24 SMS, is a subscription based service, that can be used only from the adults. This subscription can be signed only from the mobile phone number of the Albanian Mobile Phone providers AMC, Vodafone Albania and Eagle Mobile. The service is offered from News 24 in collaboration with the overmentioned providers. With News24 SMS, for the subscription lajme (the news in albanian language) you will receive 3 short messages per day with the principal notices, one short message per day for the subscription news (the news in english) and one short message for the daily oroscope for your sign you will subscribe. The cost for this service is 500 albanian lek VAT included. The service length in days depends on the subscription: fpr the news in albanian is 1 month, for the news in english is 2 weeks and for the dailu oroscope is 2 months. To unsubscribe the service send a short messagge to the 52424 short number with the word STOP (NAME OF THE SERVICE). In case of service unsubscribtion, the cost of the service will not be reimbursed. This offer expires in 31 December 2010.