The Former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha in a press conference this Thursday has made clear his determination to enter the Parliament on September 9, as a deputy elected by the citizens on April 25.

Berisha made it clear once again that as long as there is no evidence and no facts published by the US Secretary of State, which led DASH (US State Department) to declare the former Albanian Prime Minister non grata, the historical leader of PD said that there is no force that forbids him to exercise the trust given to him by the citizens.

“I am not protected by immunity, Sali Berisha is not protected by sovereignty or the Constitution, but Sali Berisha does not accept to violate them under dictation. There is no force in the world except the omnipotent one, that can hinder me without exercising my mission entrusted by the Albanian voters.”

Berisha also revealed what was the position of the chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha in the meeting with the American ambassador, Yuri Kim.

“As far as I know, the chairman of the Democratic Party in the meeting with Mrs. Kim, has asked for the same thing and I invite every Albanian to ask for the same thing: transparency. So those who do not do transparency and threaten Albanians have a big problem, they are afraid of the truth,” Berisha stated.

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